“Build your career,Join the world of real estate”

Ceyone Story

"Ceyone means Rising sun in Sanskrit. At ceyone, you are expected to shine on. We're always thinking of new ways to infuse the home-buying experience with vibrancy, optimism, and well-being. Deba Pati founded Ceyone in June 2018. We are now a powerful team of experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated team who will make sure that your house-owning experience is as delightful as your home."


Ceyone marketing does not believe in Daily instruction mode (DIM). In Deba‘s very own words:

"I expect our employees to shine and rise up to show what the name ‘Ceyone’ stands for. Ceyone has everything it needs to be your professionally organized support group and help you grow as a person and in your career. I strongly believe that achieving targets should be the natural outcome of the company’s process and your planning. If waking up and being excited to help a family achieve their dream home piques your interest, Ceyone is the place for you."

Ceyone can be considered your road between your dreams and reality. Here is what Sunil KM, Executive Vice President, had to say.

"Ceyone is a place where one can think big, dream big, and do big. We help each employee achieve their dreams of owning their dream home, car or building wealth for their future. The founder's wealth-sharing policy and the work culture that was created revolve around the employee's personal, professional, and financial growth. In Ceyone, we are not only part of every homebuyer's journey, but also every employee's dreams.”


At Ceyone we care about you and your Customer. As much as Ceyone is home buyer centric it is employee centric as well. As our VP- of Sales Harsha would say:

“At Ceyone from day 1 the employee is expected and encouraged to align with the mission of our company i.e to be home-buyer-centric.Discipline is the new norm and to be able to provide the best home buying experience is imbibed in the DNA of our employees. Every employee at ceyone is empowered to take decisions. Freshers are an integral part of our organization at every level and department. Equal opportunity is given to each employee regardless of gender, or experience. We at ceyone truly believe in the potential of the employee.”


Our Mission

“To become the most homebuyer-centric company, by creating seamless and credible homebuying experience with skilled analytics, scientific curation and unwavering commitment.”

Ceyone Values


C-Commitment(Unwavering commitment)
E-Empowerment to employees

Life At Ceyone


Assistant Manager

“The work culture at Ceyone gives equal importance to men and women which I'm grateful for. And I believe it's not only about achieving a target and getting business to the organization, but it's also about discovering the uniqueness of every individual and appreciating the same to build a better work environment. Even though I was just starting off, I had the impression that there was a lot of room for growth from the start. As an architect, one of my greatest joys is assisting others while purchasing a home by providing them with my professional guidance and insight"

Pragna Prasad

BD Intern

"Ceyone has a welcoming and engaging culture which is highly motivating. Everyone at Ceyone is incredibly helpful, knowledgable, and experienced in the real estate industry. There is enormous potential for growth and deepening your knowledge in the real estate field. An intern's opinions are frequently not valued or heard in many workplaces. Every day, Ceyone shows me that it is different. It has provided me with a team that encourages me to think creatively and values my input"

Manish. K

Assistant Manager

"Ceyone is a fantastic place to learn. I am happy that I get the opportunity to interact and connect with homebuyers even before they know the property they are interested in. According to the feedback we get from them. I get a sense of satisfaction from helping my clients achieve their dream homes. It's a terrific feeling to be a property advisor in this culture. It is because of organizations like Ceyone that this generation's young people are being taught new skills and achieving their goals"


Manager-Pre sales

"At ceyone, I feel a sense of community because we are a close-knit group who all take pride in knowing that we are helping someone achieve their dream home. I can confidently say that Ceyone truly cares about my growth and considers me a true asset to the company. Ceyone is where new and young minds come together, and each day, they bring a new point of view to real estate that fits with my experience like a puzzle piece"


Dy.General Manager-Marketing

“I find Ceyone is one of the fast-growing real estate consulting companies in India which offers good learning and career growth opportunities. At Ceyone you will also get an opportunity to improve your interpersonal skills and motivation to do things differently beyond your skill set. “

Ayshath Nishada

Assistant Manager-Sales

“Ceyone understands each individual's strengths and weaknesses and gives opportunities that are ideal for their career advancement. Over time, I've grown both professionally and personally, acquiring new skills and refining my strengths in a lively environment.”

Nisar Ahmed

AVP- Associate Director Sales

“I still remember 9 July 2018, a rainy Monday afternoon, I received a call that would transform my dreams into reality. As Deputy General Manager, I started Ceyone Marketing Pvt. Ltd.'s golden adventure on 10 August 2018. The company grew multifold, and I evolved professionally and personally at the same speed. Today I am the proud owner of a Home, car, and many international family trips. Hey, one last and most important thing I am grateful to work under the mentorship of a visionary leader. Today I am Associate Vice President. As a typical manager, I never ask the team why it does not happen, what I always learn from my mentor I will repeat the same: 1. I always believe and teach the team i.e. believe in the process, discipline, and hard work other things always fall in place. 2. I always believe in showing the team how it happens rather than asking why it does not happen. 3. I will always show my team a long-term vision and the way to reach there rather than focusing on the short term.”

Teams At Ceyone